I am quite pleased with the project. The addition and kitchen worked out beautifully thanks to your guidance and patience. Your team were very pleasant, considerate, helpful, and professional. That’s an impressive combination!

Bill and Peg Leese, McLean, VA

We had a great experience with Greenwald Cassell on our build. We definitely intend to use them again as needs arrive, and would recommend them to anyone looking for work done on their home. On all accounts Roger and his lead manager Hamish, exceeded our expectations:

The speed of the project was as projected. Roger and Hamish completed the build 10 weeks to the day that construction began. Our neighbors, all of whom have done lengthy builds, were astonished (and appreciative).

Disruptions to our life were minimal: we gave birth to our third daughter half way through the build while living without interruption in the house. Roger and Hamish did an excellent job preventing dust from construction from leaking downstairs, kept construction hours predictable, and bent over backwards to ensure our well being.

Good exterior design with a near-zero street profile: as per our request, the original roof-line of the front of the house is intact. And the profile of the build from our backyard is elegant.

Responsiveness to inquires on our part was greatly appreciated.

Lastly, Roger and Hamish were a pleasure to work with. Aside from being consummate professionals, they are true gentlemen.

We cannot recommend them highly enough. And we are more than happy to provide additional information if you are considering working with Greenwald Cassell.

Hueston and Ang Middleton, Arlington, VA

…Your design is great… an attractive extension of the family room without losing the airiness of the old screened porch. We were quite pleased with the outcome and the process that produced it. Your people were hard working, efficient, and courteous. We especially appreciated Hamish’s dedication with a significant design-build remodeling project.

Rob and Peg Stotz, Mclean, VA

Over three years have passed since the completion of the addition to our house. I want to take this opportunity to tell how pleased Connie and I are with the work of Greenwald Cassell. Connie and I sit often in the new part of the house and comment that I would not change anything from the original design you provided from our ideas.

The new space is practical and “livable,” but also elegant. Because we have had time to enjoy it, we are probably even happier now than we were when the addition was new. The quality of the work was excellent; the project manager was not only a skilled carpenter but also a conscientious supervisor. Our friends marvel at the way in which the new part of the house “blends” with the old, as well as the attention to detail and workmanship. Considering that we added or remodeled a space equivalent to about a third of the original house, it is hard to believe how fast and efficiently it was done.

Just as importantly, we are particularly pleased with the attention you had given to the quality of the work since the completion of the work long after the warranty had expired.

Please extend our thanks to all those who, through constant attention and patience, saw this major project to such a pleasant conclusion. We are happy to continue serving as a reference for Greenwald Cassell’s work.

Ambassador Otto J. Reich