With summer underway, we have now spent over six months in the big ‘new’ house which your company created from my small, 1940s house here in Franklin Forest. I am very pleased with the work that was done and will be pleased to talk with any of your potential clients who would like to contact me.

This project was at least 12 years in the making, as I continually reassessed what I wanted to achieve. What began in the late 1980s as a desire to add a screened porch at the rear while modernizing the inside had become somewhat larger when construction work began in June 2001. My small project had evolved into one that, in fact, added 150 percent more living space above ground while also putting the new wine cellar beneath part of the addition, finishing about half of the original basement as a rec room and adding a new garage.

Perhaps the best compliments I can provide to you have come from friends, neighbors and total strangers who have seen the finished product from the outside. Strangers who have stopped to talk while I am in the yard have uniformly congratulated me on my ‘new house’ and are stunned to learn that they are looking at both old and new on the street side.

With the design in hand, I turned to face what most homeowners dread; the expectation that things will go wrong during construction and will produce uncomfortable confrontations as the ‘end’ approached. That never happened. It is now clear to me that your company’s approach to such projects runs counter to the general perception about how contractors undertake their work. It is equally clear that the way in which you all manage the work makes the whole thing as painless as possible for the owner.

Cliff Massa III

I just wanted to let you know again how well the addition turned out. All aspects, design, execution, and now a little post-completion work, have been wonderful. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Ruth G. Kassinger

We first contracted Greenwald Cassell for to do a major remodeling on our house in 2006. We brought them back again in 2010 for a second project. Both times, Greenwald Cassell completed the entire project within the planned budget, and more impressively, within the planned schedule. Greenwald Cassell’s team was courteous, professional and efficient. I simply cannot say enough about the quality of Roger Greenwald and his team!

Greenwald Cassell accepts only the highest standards of quality. The work was clean, and we were able to live in the house comfortably throughout the whole process. The quality of the finished remodeling lived up to our every expectation!

Roger Greenwald worked with us closely designing the project. He remained “hands-on” throughout the job. Not only is his company unfaltering in its commitment to quality, but Roger also brings innovative, practical and client-responsive ideas and solutions to the job. Roger is a gentleman, and a pleasure to talk to and work with. He is continuously involved in overseeing a job’s progress throughout, visiting and inspecting frequently and in the process not only ensures quality control, but also offers wonderful suggestions. He is readily accessible by email or phone contact—not like other contractors that disappear and are not reachable!

Unquestionably, Greenwald Cassell is the best contractor that we have worked with (and we’ve done several remodeling projects in our lives), and we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Greenwald Cassell to anyone considering a remodeling. From the smallest job to the largest, and we’ve experienced both—Roger Greenwald and his company will deliver to anyone’s highest expectations.

Suzana and Eduardo Abbott, Bethesda, MD

It’s been a great experience working with Roger, and watching his designs take shape. He’s committed to making his clients happy, and his design-build projects for my home have benefited significantly from his creativity and his deep technical knowledge. I highly recommend Roger and Greenwald Cassell Associates for jobs of any size.

Val Ellicott, Washington DC